• Moana movie night happening tomorrow night at 6pm in the amphitheater.
    • It’s suggested that anyone attending brings canned food to help the pantry which is just getting started.
  • Screening of the Netflix Documentary “13th” which is about the thirteenth amendment.
    • It will be screened on February 28th the last day of Black History Month.
  • Over abundance of planners that need to be distributed.
  • Future AS meeting scheduled at the Rosemead campus.
  • Dean Cobb stated that the Upass was valid yesterday, and there was only one incident of a student.
  • Dean Cobb went on to say that the student who was unable to use his Upass brought his parents to school and he was issued a refund.
  • Enrollment for Spring 2017 is at 93% and that it needs to be at 100% by next week in order to secure full funding from the state.
    • AS is really pushing and promoting short term classes for this semester along with students adding at least one additional classes.
    • About 4,000 students still need to enroll in order to be at 100% enrollment.

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