Special guest Vice President Dr. Terry Giugni presented a “vision for success” and a new “student-centered funding formula” for Pasadena City College. Highlights include increasing the number of degrees and certificates, increasing transfers to both UC and CSU institutions, decreasing the average number of units to earn an associates degree, as well as reducing equity and achievement gaps for students of all demographics. Funding would be based on enrollments and school sites, supplemental allocations (counts of low-income students), and the success of students attending PCC.

Special guests Jason Robinson and Michaela Mares-Tamayo from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness introduced a new equity tool available to all through PCC’s Lancerpoint. The new “Equity Dashboard” is an in depth tool that was rolled out to track equity gaps and outcomes between students of different demographics, both in general as well as within specific subjects at PCC.  

The PCC Faculty Association will be holding meetings on Oct. 11 at noon in room C333 and Oct. 12 for part-time faculty from 3pm-5pm in room C333.

The Academic Senate’s president, Lynora Rogacs reported that an adjunct faculty survey was agreed upon to collect information on adjunct professors both past and present. President Lynora Rogacs reported a meeting with Dr. Rajen Vurdien, the president of PCC, regarding the ongoing I-8 food service sexual assault situation. Dr. Vurdien explained that there were no legal options to be followed for the termination of the I-8 contract, explaining that there are a few years left on the contract.

The following members were appointed to respective committees unanimously.

Tammy Knott-Silva was reappointed to the Campus Distance Education Standing Committee.

Lauren Acker was appointed to the Campus Distance Education Standing Committee.

Mark Whitworth was reappointed as co-chair of the Calendar Committee.

Darcy Mack, Manuel Perea, Suzanne Anderson, and Loknath Persaud were reappointed to the Calendar Committee.

Erlend Weydahl was appointed to the Calendar Committee.

John Hanley replaced Cara Burres-Jones on the Curriculum and Instruction Committee.

Sandra Haynes was appointed to the DE Committee.

Lena Hicks and Scott Eidem were appointed to the CTE Committee.

Jocelyn Change was appointed to the Rank Advancement Committee.

Ahni Dodge, Elaine Fong, and Shelley Gaskin were appointed to the Business, Engineering, and Technology Dean Hiring Committee.

Administrative Procedure 7160 which is a “comprehensive and coordinated professional development program” went through its second read. Revisions and updates were made and passed unanimously.

Academic Senate norms and procedures were discussed and agreed upon. These norms establish the way in which the Academic Senate will govern itself over the next year.

Academic Senate VP Shelagh Rose proposed and passed a motion to have “student equity” as a major topic in upcoming senate meetings.

Support for the Lancer Pantry was proposed. The pantry sometimes serves up to 200 students per day. The senate is asking for volunteers and donations to help with the pantry as well as spreading information on the existence of the pantry and food service.


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