Students are preparing for the transfer season as UC and CSU applications become due and universities are visiting PCC frequently.

The Transfer Center is busy with students trying to get appointments with counselors, hoping to get guidance on being admitted to their dream university.

After talking to a counselor, Matthew Velasquez, psychology, finally has a set plan for going to UC Santa Cruz, though he wishes he had figured it all out sooner.

“I took a lot of classes I couldn’t use. I couldn’t get any I needed, so I took classes I could actually get into,” said Velasquez.

Now, with a general education plan, he hopes to be able to transfer in two years.

Jonathon Payes, psychology, is only slightly closer than Velasquez, requiring only two more transfer classes before finishing off the rest of his 60 units with classes of his choice.

A university representative is available for questions in L110 and the Quad.

Marilyn Teah, a representative of CSU Los Angeles, frequently visits the transfer center to help guide students on how to apply to a CSU, what to have ready, and how to avoid common mistakes people make.

She stressed the ‘Golden Four’ classes — college English, college math, critical thinking, and speech-and the application deadline on Nov. 30.

“Don’t wait until the last week because everyone does that and the system may crash. It has before,” advised Teah.

The transfer center is full of student tools, including computers to use to apply online and pamphlets, business cards, and flyers of different four-year universities to take.

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