When searching for a good place to study on campus, some students prefer outdoor studying to indoor studying.

When searching for a good place to study on campus, there are a lot of important factors to consider.

Is it necessary to study in complete silence? Do students prefer to study indoors or outdoors? What locations offer the most resources for students? PCC students weigh in on these and other details of their favorite homework hangouts.

First-year student Jonathan Cortez, undecided, likes to study on the stairs of the C Building. “Sometimes it’s quiet, better than the lounge. It’s loud in there.” Cortez said. “[I’m doing] math homework for Math 450.”

The C Building stairs were abuzz with students studying, hanging out and laughing with friends. The stairs, though sometimes noisy, offer a bird’s-eye view of the mirror pools.

Molly Ng, communication arts major, preferred to study on the steps of the L Building.

“It’s like the perfect spot.” Ng said. “[You can] be outside and still be comfortable. Instead of having to be cooped up in the library all the time, you can still be in nature.”

Ng, 19, attended high school an hour away in Redlands, Calif. and moved to this area specifically to attend PCC. With headphones on, Ng appeared to be fine without the silence offered by quieter locations.

Though outside options are a favorite for some, PCC’s Shatford Library was filled with students studying, both individually and in groups.

“[We try to] promote a quiet environment that’s conductive to studying,” said student and circulation staff member Jonathan Deering, age 24.

“We provide the materials and environment necessary.”

Though Deering promoted library studying, he only occasionally used the library as a study-spot.

“I don’t have time to come to campus to study,” Deering said. Deering is an undecided major and has attended PCC for three years.

According to References Services Librarian Celina Lee, the library also offers students a silent study area on the third floor, and private study rooms to use for group-study.

“All [the] librarians take turns on the reference desk,” Lee said, “[We] help with resources, citations … and we’re here to help.”

Shatford staffs seven to eight full-time and nine part-time librarians. Librarians also offer “library orientations” to classes when requested by instructors.

Freshman Jonathan Cortez, 23, sits on the stairs of the C Building. Cortez says that the stairs are his favorite place on the main campus to study. (Alicia Ramirez / Courier)

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