The new Administrative Information System (AIS) Lancerpoint, a product that cost $10.5 million so far and is expected to transform student interactions with the college, will begin its implementation next week, according to officials at the Feb. 6 Board of Trustees meeting.

Lancerpoint, the new computer system with which all students will interface with the college, will replace Lancerlink, the 1980s information system that runs on old software.

Director of Fiscal Services Joe Simoneschi told the Board the computer system is meeting its milestones just six months after its launch. “We are at the cusp of integrating the system,” he said.

The AIS will be used to receive and accept applications for the summer and fall terms beginning Feb. 28, according to Dean of Counseling Cynthia Olivo.

Olivo also explained beta testing of Lancerpoint will begin in March. “Our plan is to have a smaller mock registration … and then a larger mock registration with students,” she said. “We’re working with [Associated Students] President [Simon] Fraser on that.”

Lancerpoint Project Manager Ted Fause explained the mock registration will help to work out any possible kinks in the system before it is fully implemented. “[The mock trials will] exercise every square inch of the product line … from a technological side, we are installing a piece of software that will replicate 5,000 students so that [the registration] part of the system will not be exposed to students for the first time in April,” he said.

The Lancerpoint portal was also highlighted during the presentation. “We believe we will be able to have a better sense of community … and have more effective, timely and meaningful communication … for student success,” explained Olivo.

Trustee Linda Wah requested success measurements for the project.

“Being a business person I always look … at the bottom line. … I’d like to see performance goals, I’d be interested in them,” she said.

Trustee Geoffrey Baum was intrigued to see how students react to the new system.

“I’m so impressed that within a period of six months, we are about to launch a revolution in IT at PCC,” he said. “I’m eager to hear more after this launches. I want to hear more from students after the launch.”

Fause explained the project could not be done without the work and diligence of the community.

“We [have] had seven consultants … and 50 training sessions [for Lancerpoint] since Sept. 10,” he said. “A project this ambitious cannot have one group working on it.”

Board President John Martin was enthusiastic about the start up of Lancerpoint. “I think I can speak for my colleagues and say charge on!” Martin exclaimed.

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