The $10.5 million Administrative Information System (AIS), LancerPoint will be available for the summer 2013 registration period according to school officials.

In the meantime students will continue using the LancerLink for late spring registration, said Joe Simoneschi, executive director of business services in an email.

Although students don’t get full on access until the summer parts of LancerPoint are available to students now.

“Some portions of the Student Module in LancerPoint went live Feb. 28,” said Simoneschi. “This means that we are now taking admissions applications and Financial Aid SAR records through LancerPoint.”

A mock registration for the new system took place on March 26 to 28 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students went through the registration process allowing the college to collect data and modify the process in order to get it to run more smoothly, added Simoneschi.

“The college has really come together to make this implementation happen,” he said. “The camaraderie is impressive and the fact that we are getting this system in place in a relatively short period of time with such success amazes me.

Inputting a new technical system like LancerPoint would normally take 18 to 24 months, but the process has gone much faster than that, according to Superintendent President Mark Rocha

“[LancerPoint] is way ahead of schedule. [It’s] the fastest most aggressive installation we’ve ever had,” said Rocha.

In addition to the mock registration, there are coffee talks and meetings to help students and faculty get acquainted with LancerPoint.

“We have monthly forums, bi-weekly coffee talk meetings with department super users, a blog on the Pulse and a twitter account,” said Simoneschi. “[This] speaks to the commitment that we all have to make the student experience the best it can possibly be.”

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