By the second week of December, it’s amazing how sick of the holidays some people already are. The shops and malls shove the ‘Christmas spirit’ down our throats and into our ears with the same Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas” tune blasting in every inch of the store. Businesses have degraded the holidays solely into promoting sales to increase profits and bombard us with signs of Christmas sales, all in hopes of making us feel like if we don’t take advantage of this offer, we’re really losing out on the greatest deal.

“There is nothing more annoying to me than when you’re at like Macy’s and they have Halloween on one side and Christmas on the other, without a single decoration

of Thanksgiving. I wish we could focus on a single holiday at a time!” said Julian Rood, graphic design major.

Stores also create aisles of gifts you know you really don’t need to buy, but since they wrap them into cute little bundles we think, “Hey, it’s just a little nice gesture.” Nice gestures can really add up when you feel like you need to buy them for 12 people or more.

“I strike back by making most of my own gifts, and leaving my money in my wallet, and not incurring a debt that would take me until July to pay off,” said David Lee, art major.

The holiday blues really go into full action when you have to hear Alvin and the Chipmunks sing glass-shattering versions of Christmas songs, while you’re at Ralph’s at midnight just trying to buy some orange juice.

Let’s be frank: chipmunks are not meant to sing! The festively inclined have the right to enjoy their holiday and spend all the money they wish, but they need to realize not everybody is at home with family sipping on some hot cocoa and writing their Christmas wish lists.

“What is overrated is how people get so stressed out and spend so much money and only care about receiving,” said Sariah Wong, music theory major.

The worst part of the holidays is when you’re forced to go over to a relative or a friend’s house when you’d rather stay home under three layers of blankets hating the world. It’s the social gatherings that are reminders of old memories, some pleasant, some painful. The unpleasant parts come when you have to hear about other people’s accomplishments and bring to light your own shortcomings.

This time of year can be tough

on everyone, for both those who hate it, as well as those who go overboard trying to make everything perfect.

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