Out of 42 originally requested hiring committees, two appointed by the Academic Senate and one appointed by the Administration are screening candidates for newly created and vacant dean positions, according to officials.

The new dean positions include the Dean of Faculty and the Interim Associate Dean of General Education and Program Review. The vacant dean position is the Career and Technical Education Dean.

Academic Senate President Dustin Hanvey explained at the Senate meeting on Sept. 24 it was not efficient to create 42 hiring committees at once, and the three that were appointed were of high importance. “There are incredibly important positions that need to be filled,” he said.

Hanvey also explained that interim positions are often filled by internal candidates different policy than permanent positions, where candidates outside the campus are considered as well.

Assistant Superintendent and Vice President of Business and College Affairs Robert Miller explained the Dean of Faculty position at the Sept. 24 Academic Senate meeting. “This is a position that will be reporting directly to [Assistant Superintendent and Vice President of Student Affairs Robert] Bell. [The Dean of Faculty] will work on all faculty related issues. The Idea of the position is to be an advocate for the faculty and to address student and faculty needs,” Miller said.

Miller also explained the duties of the new Associate Dean of General Education and Program Review. “Its primary function is to assure the college maintains its accreditation standards. [And also] to align the college’s Student Learning Outcomes at the course program and general education level with the college curriculum,” Miller said in an interview.  Miller also said the new dean position would work closely with the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, the Curriculum and Instruction Committee, the Academic Senate, the division faculty and deans, as well as the Office of Instruction, or, Bell.

Many faculty members, including Assistant Instructor of Engineering and Technology Deborah Bird supported the Senate’s forming of a hiring committee for the CTE dean position. “We need to find someone to fill this position quickly and efficiently,” she said at the Sept. 24 Senate meeting.

Assistant Professor of Educational Services Matt Jordan, who previously chaired the Curriculum and Instruction Committee, worked on the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, and helped in program review, explained the importance and urgency of the CTE dean position being filled.

“Having those experiences brought me to the decision of how desperately we need a CTE dean. Those faculty need that support,” he said.

The screening processes for these committees are currently in action, according to Miller.

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