Halo 3: ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) is Bungie’s fifth installment to the Halo franchise, released on Sept. 22. The campaign mode takes place right after the events of Halo 2, but the prequel is a measly four hours of game play. The game was created in a year with a smaller design team than past Halo projects. ODST was initially conceived as an expansion for Halo 3. The game comes with one new multiplayer mode, three new multiplayer maps and two new guns.

The Halo series is the biggest franchise in the gaming industry. From video games, books, comics, clothes, toys to even a Hollywood film. In this new installment there is no Master Chief or Spartans of any kind. Instead there are Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Before Spartans were created ODST’s were the apex warriors.

The game begins slow and lags from start to finish. Engaging a Scorpion tank to piloting a Banshee have been done countless times before. Each level is short, boring and became excessively repetitive. However Each level looks amazing with the graphics being the best of all the games from the series.

Firefight is a new multiplayer mode. Firefight is a four-player co-op mode where players have to defend against wave after wave of Convenant forces. The mode is reminiscent to the Gears of Wars Horde mode. Firefight is the only bright spot from the ODST game.

Halo has continuously been known for having a breathtaking soundtrack. ODST has cheesy music that didn’t match the action, scene or feel of the game. The timing of the music is off and it fails to set a tone for the game.

Everything mentioned comes in the first disc of ODST. On the second disc are 24 maps along with all the original maps that came with Halo 3 is The DLC ( Down Loadable Content) maps from the Heroic, Legendary and Mythic map packs.

Four hours of campaign mode and new features seem like an expansion pack and don’t warrant paying the price of a full game. The game is as beautiful as it is boring.

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