The Board of Trustees has approved 11 goals aimed at bolstering transparency, efficiency and funding.
The goals included forming better communication on and out of the campus, more shared governance, more funding for the college foundation, and better scheduling and enrollment management for students.
Goals two and three discussed bolstering student enrollment and making class scheduling more efficient.
Trustee John Martin was ecstatic over these goals. “I am thrilled with these goals. This is why I wanted to be a Board member,” he said.Goal 10, titled “College Communications and Community Relations,” explains the Board wishes to have more open communication on campus and with the surrounding community.
Trustee Linda Wah saw many opportunities to reach out to the community with this goal. “I think there are many ways in which we can engage with the community,” she said.
Goal eight, titled “Shared Governance,” explains the Board wishes to “arrive at a mutual agreement with the Academic Senate on a plan for faculty governance of academic disciplines.”
Goal seven, titled “Enrollment Enhancement,” aims to add more non-resident and international students to increase revenue, and to “increase [the] annual fundraising to achieve the goal of one percent of the general fund-operating budget.”
President Mark Rocha agreed the goals were a step in the right direction. “We do want to thank the Board sincerely to the usual process of these goals. They are now very clear to us. We look forward to achieving them,” he said.

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