Former PCC President Lisa Sugimoto will continue to serve the PCC community in a new way after the Board of Trustees appointed her vice president of college advancement.Sugimoto served as PCC President from September 2009 to July. She did not want to be considered a candidate for the permanent position; filled this summer by Dr. Mark Rocha.

“Dr. Sugimoto brings over thirty years of experience at PCC to her new role as Vice President of College Advancement,” said Rocha.

“Her extensive knowledge of the Pasadena community makes her the ideal person to oversee the Foundation’s efforts to expand its fundraising on behalf of the college mission and students.”

In her new position, Sugimoto will work closely with the PCC Foundation. Her responsibilities include strategizing and executing fundraising goals for student scholarships, the Center for the Arts capital campaign, and an alumni fund.

“I am excited and proud to continue my service to the PCC community,” Sugimoto said of her new role. “I am grateful to Dr. Rocha for his support and eager to work with him and our Foundation board members to achieve our fundraising goals.”

“As president, I was a major person involved with raising money,” she added. “It is almost like a second tour of duty.”

Associated Students President Jamie Hammond worked with Sugimoto last year and is thrilled she is still a part of campus life.

“Dr. Sugimoto is an inspiring individual,” Hammond said. “She is more than capable of this position. We are happy we still get to work with her this year.”

The AS works to maintain contact with PCC alumni. Sugimoto hopes to do the same by creating an environment for alumni to come together and be a part of PCC’s story.

An alumna herself, Sugimoto wants the best for PCC students.

“PCC students are our history and legacy,” she said. “Just as students from the past have accomplished remarkable things, I expect incredible things from our students that are here now.

Dr. Lisa Sugimoto was appointed as the vice president of college advancement, a new position created by the Board of?Trustees. (Natalie Sehn Weber)

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