With finals right around the corner, the Shatford Library has extended its hours to accommodate students looking to do some extra hours of studying.

Librarian Marissa Reyes is expecting the library to be full the whole of finals week. “Last year the countless number of students walking in and out of the library was incredible, but not unexpected,” she said.

The influx of students during this week can become a little stressful and difficult, according to humanities major Oscar Villanueva. He is planning to be one of the first students to enter the library during finals week in order to claim a seat.

“Last year the only time I had to study was during the afternoon,” Villanueva Said. “Unfortunately, it seems like the whole school was inside the library at the moment I went to go study. It took me almost a whole hour to find an actual seat and when I did, there were too many distractions to study,” he said.

According to Business major Alex Dreves, some students are more concerned with textbook availability then having a seat. She says that it is hard to find a textbook necessary for a class during finals week. As a matter of fact, the high demand for certain textbooks is the biggest dilemma for students as well as the library, especially considering textbooks assigned by common and popular courses, said Reyes.

“Every semester it is always a tedious issue I deal with. I try to arrive as early as possible to find the textbook I need to study, but it is always in use and it postpones my studying time,” said Dreves.

One of the biggest features most used by students provided by the library is the study rooms available for groups of students looking to get together to study as a whole, said Reyes.

With a total of five rooms, the library tries to uphold the policy of two people or more to a study room, as stated in the rules and regulations posted on the doors of the study rooms.

Communication major Luis Flores said that what tends to happen is the combination of two to three groups in a room in order to consolidate room and space. “For finals week I have a group of three that is looking to get a room to study. If that’s not possible we are hoping someone will share his or her room with us,” he said.

Librarian Dan Hayley said that it is hard to cater to every students’ needs. “There are times that we have three to four kids waiting for some assistance. Devoting the appropriate time needed to certain students is the only way we as librarians can be of help. We try to answer and guide every student with the time given,” he said.

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