As environmental concerns grow, the conscientiousness of one’s wardrobe is sure to increase with it. Many PCC students have jumped aboard the “go green” bandwagon. Hybrid cars and recycling are a few of the more popular demonstrations of this movement. Eco-friendly clothing is a growing, overlooked trend.

“I like buying 100 percent cotton clothes because it’s all natural and it’s a lot more comfortable than synthetic fabrics,” said Jennifer Ventura, 19, Psychology.

Buying organic cotton or other materials like hemp, is better than purchasing either natural fibers produced with harsh pesticides or synthetic fabrics.

Students can flock to the popular American Apparel storeroom, for their pure cotton needs.

Ventura says, “My favorite are the v-neck t-shirts [from American Apparel]. I wear them almost every day!”

The popular chain has just introduced an organic, sustainable line to their collection – which includes t-shirts, sweaters, and baby clothing.

“I really enjoy buying clothing from thrift shops,” said Business major Kathy Lu, 18. “I save tons of money and I don’t waste clothing.”

An average American throws away 68 pounds of clothing and textiles every year, according to the Council for Textile Recycling. Local second-hand shops like Goodwill and the Salvation Army make it easy for people to keep their share out of landfills.

“Everyone shops at thrift shops now,” said Lu. “They have become the ‘it’ place to shop for trendiest clothes.”

Jo Wood, founder of Jo Wood Organic and Everyday by Jo Wood, says, “Ethical fashion is about buying garments from suppliers you can trust. Ethical fashion has cool scribbled all over it.

PCC student Christian Vergara, 18 undecided, designed the organic cotton t-shirts at a store across from PCC called Sunway Clothing. (Charles Digal)

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