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In a statement issued on Feb. 22, the PCC Faculty Association called recent events on campus an “educational crisis” and outlined its concerns about the ongoing controversy surrounding class cuts and faculty reassignments.

The Faculty Association’s “Three Areas of Concern” include the idea of transparency, or lack thereof; the human cost to the campus community; and ‘managerial myopia and fiscal expediency’.

The issued statement recounts a Feb. 8 meeting with PCC President Mark Rocha in which class cuts were never mentioned. “The cuts were made without collegial consultation, and without any implementation of shared governance mechanisms,” the statement says. “There was no transparency.”

The statement then raises many unanswered questions regarding the school’s fiscal situation. It cites the threat of cancellation of the 2010 Winter Intersession as an example of tactics being employed to hide the mismanagement of school funds. “It was false then and it is false now,” the statement says.

In addition to the Faculty Association’s suspicion regarding the cuts’ necessity, the statement describes the moves made as a complete “disregard for the human cost,” indicating the refusal to renew contracts; the firing of part-time teachers; and the students’ whose loss of classes impact their transfer-rate, their financial aid, and their legal status.  



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