Student enrollment in Spring 2013 is up six percent compared to Spring 2012, marking a possibility for more state funding according to college officials.

The number of Full Time Equivalent students (the measure used by the state) to be funded by the state is about19,000, President Mark Rocha told the Board of Trustees on Jan. 16.

The college is expecting to receive an additional $6.7 million from the state for FTES, according to Assistant Superintendent Vice President of Business and College Services Robert Miller.

“For now, assuming we hit our FTES [current year] targets, we expect to get an additional $6.7 million. This could be more or less based on what the state provides to us,” said Miller.

The current number of FTES for the 2012-13 year is over 21,675 according to Director of Institutional Effectiveness Crystal Kollross.

“We have over 250 more FTES this year so far compared to last year,” said Kollross at the Board meeting.

The projected FTES count for the 2012-13 fiscal year was 21,050, which was less than the actual count for the 2011-12 year at 21,425 according to the California Community College Chancellor’s office Quarterly financial report.

The enrollment increase is because of the addition of seats to each course. The extra seats were made available after the passage of Proposition 30 and the extra money the college is expected to receive in May.

“The addition of class seats also helped,” said Kollross enthusiastically. “And [more class seats] have to do with the faculty being fantastic with large group instruction.”

Miller said he was pleased with the increase in enrollment, as it aids the college’s financial strength and stability.

“The district continues to be in a strong financial situation. FTES are the backbone of this institution financially,” he said.

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