The Cross Culture Center is hosting Empowering Native Voices, an event to honor the native and indigenous community at PCC, on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 5 p.m. by the Quad.

“As the Cross Culture Center coordinator, what I wanted to do is reach out to our native students and really start getting them involved here at PCC,” Jordan Orozco said. “We are on native and indigenous land, and so I wanted to connect our local tribe members to our students that identify as native and indigenous.”

The Cross Culture Center supports student education through creating a community based on socially just education. It envisions an inclusive campus where all unrepresented communities can be successful in their academic journeys. 

Empowering Native Voices welcomes guest speaker John Torres, an archaeologist and professor at Mt. San Jacinto College, along with other guests who are part of the Kizh Nation–which are part of the land that PCC resides on. The event will include a meet and greet with the guest speakers which will be located in front of the G building. The meet and greet will be followed by a panel, located in R122, with a Q&A where students will have the chance to learn about the land PCC is on, what the speakers do to honor it and how to participate. 

“I felt this event would be a better way to bridge that gap and show that there is solidarity within the outer community of PCC and how we can bring that spirit into PCC,” Orozco said. “So, it came out of the fact that PCC needs to do better at reaching out to our native and indigenous populations in students and involving them in their happenings on campus, so this is part of my effort for the Cross Culture Center to reach out to them.”

An important part of this event is that it is taking place in November which is Native American History Month. This decision was made official in 1990 with President George W. Bush and has since been celebrated. PCC has claimed they have recognized the land they are on, however, there has not been noticeable actions from the school. Orozco states that this is a first step in bringing more awareness and acknowledgment to the PCC indigenous and native community.

The event takes place from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and while it is free, all attendees must RSVP and check in before entering the event. 

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