The Academic Senate announced the nominees for their Executive Board at its meeting on Monday, and three out of four Board positions are uncontested, including the race for board president.

Eduardo A. Cairo at an Academic Senate meeting in the Circadian on Monday, January 27, 2014. (Andrew French/Courier)
Eduardo A. Cairo at an Academic Senate meeting in the Circadian on Monday, January 27, 2014. (Andrew French/Courier)

Eduardo Cairo is running unopposed for President, Patricia Rose has no challenger for Secretary and Manuel Perea faces no opposition for Treasurer.

Two faculty are running for the Vice President position: incumbent Earlie Douglas, a business instructor, and Kris Pilon, who teaches career technical education.

When Senator Gloria Horton asked if there were any other nominees, silence filled the room.

“I am a little surprised that we are not running against anyone,” said Rose, who teaches English.

This will be Cairo and Rose’s second year on the Executive Board.

Cairo, a social sciences instructor, said he is running for reelection because he believes there is a path that the campus should take and he hopes to be part of that process. He added that a second term will allow for continuity.

“I think it takes a year to really learn what’s going on,” Rose said. “I think next year (the board) will be far more effective.”

This will be Perea’s first term on the Executive Board. He said the current Academic Senate leadership has done some great things this year and he’d like to be more involved in Senate activities.

“I believe in shared governance and think a strong and unified Academic Senate is essential for faculty to maintain the rights granted through Board policies,” said Perea, who teaches English.

Pilon hopes the Board members and the Senators can achieve several things next year including: updating the Senate bylaws, providing vision and direction at PCC, and focusing on the 10+1 issues.

“I think that the Academic Senate is one of the most important bodies on the PCC campus,” Pilon said. “What distinguishes PCC and draws students here is the level of concern for students and dedication of the faculty.”

Cairo said an alliance that included himself, Pilon, Rose and Perea was formed for this election.

“When we assumed there was going to be an opposition, we wanted to form a slate so that all four of us could get elected as we were all on the same page as to the goals and methods by which we wanted to accomplish these goals,” he said.

According to Cairo, Douglas was not part of the slate because she was unsure if she could continue as vice president. When she realized she could, the other three members of the slate had already asked Pilon to join them.

“From our perspective, we see (the VP election) as a win-win. If Douglas wins, our slate continues. If Pilon wins, she will bring different perspectives and ideas to the team,” Cairo said.

Cairo added that the first thing the new executive team will do is meet to prioritize goals.

“We will certainly be much stronger next year about reinvigorating the faculty role in the college,” Rose said.

“We hope that first step will be with the technical visit on April 14,” Cairo said.

Voting begins March 18 and ends March 27. The winners will be announced on March 29.




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