As food prices continue to escalate, students around campus are finding cheaper alternatives to the campus food they have deemed too expensive. With countless places surrounding the grounds of PCC, students can transform a meal into a cultural experience. Though many students seem to enjoy filling their stomachs with common American classics such as McDonald’s, some around campus seek culture in their dishes.

Across the street from PCC is Pataya Café, a Thai restaurant that is not only affordable but culturally rich as well.

Deciding where to go for lunch with his friends, Brian Wong, 21, undecided, said that he looks for both convenience and quality when going out to eat.

Highlighting Pataya, a personal favorite of his, Wong said, “It’s cheap, its convenient and it fills me up.”

Students Jessica Vega, 21, Spanish and Jackie Venegas, 20, Criminal Justice like to dive into the Mexican culture through El Pollo Loco. Although this is a chain that can be found in countless locations, it’s the low cost of this particular fast food restaurant that attracts students. “Its expensive around here,” said Venegas.

Yet another cultural experience, Go Fresh Mongolian BBQ, located on Colorado Boulevard, is also favored.

Justine Chou, 27, business, said that one of the best features of this particular restaurant is its “fresh” quality. Daphne Gnay, 20, radiology, prefers to take a quick walk across the street to Mako Bowl.

According to her, the price and quality of the food combined with the quick service makes Mako Bowl worth trying. Almost a cliché in American culture, many students around campus often head to the classic McDonald’s to fill their appetites.

“McDonalds is always a cheap alternative to any food there is. Even though it is not the best quality, it fills you up,” said William Lui, 22, graphic design. While food prices continue to go up, students seem to be placing prices as their top criteria.

As Venegas said, “Anywhere they offer the dollar menu [is good].

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