A disabled PCC student/employee has been honored with an academic achievement award by the Pasadena Mayor’s Committee for Employment of Persons with Disabilities.Evelyn Keolian has trouble with her hearing, but that doesn’t limit her to succeed and to help others.

Keolian was nominated by her teacher, Lilly Crisman, a specialist for the deaf and hard of hearing in along with The Disabled Student Program and Services team.

“Disabled Student Services called a meeting and talked about it. We thought about who we should pick and we nominated her because part of this program is for the deaf and hard of hearing,” said Crisman through an interpreter.

Keolian said that she didn’t even know that she was nominated and felt overwhelmed that she won. “I found out two weeks ago before the ceremony,” said Keolian.

The award ceremony was held at Brookside Country Club during breakfast. The Pasadena mayor was there to congratulate her. Before coming to PCC, Keolian had a successful career in data entry and has a Bachelors Degree in English.

Keolian decided that she wanted a new career in the library field. “Evelyn came here really motivated. She studied library technology and did well. She also wanted to learn about deaf culture. She is a good role model,” said Crisman.

Keolian’s interest was to help children who are deaf and hard of hearing to develop and appreciate reading. She wants to accomplish this by doing story time, playing educational games, and other methods.

Keolian works at the Shatford Library circulation desk and also at the Granada Elementary School library. Also, she volunteers at the Pasadena Public Library in her spare time. Keolian is also a writer for the PCC technology blog located on the library website.

“Dream big,” said Keolian, a message she hopes reaches children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

PCC student and library employee Evelyn Keolian’s interest lies in helping children who are deaf. (Charles Digal)

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