DirecTV is now officially up and running inside the Piazza for everyone’s viewing pleasure.”We want to enhance the experience for students on campus, that’s our goal,” said Scott Thayer, assistant dean of student affairs.

There are certain channels being broadcast including ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, History Channel and Food Network.

“I like to watch while I’m eating. I like the news channels,” said Cecily Fraser, 20, nursing.

There are multiple TVs all showing different channels in the hopes that it can reach the broad audience in the Piazza.

“We want to provide a variety of channels for students based on what they want to watch,” said Thayer.

Some students are just happy that there are channels that they want to watch.

“Especially if they have ESPN on, I’ll be in here all the time,” said Jason Torres, 20, nursing.

According to Thayer, the channels are all programmed into certain time slots. There are six high definition televisions and one large projection screen. The channels are switched around on each television during different times.

“We want to provide a place were students can take a break from classes,” said Thayer.

Having this luxury is nice for some students who enjoy watching television while they eat.

“It gives you more to do while you’re eating lunch. It should pull more people into the cafeteria,” said Emilia Cohen, 18, undecided.

But some students really aren’t paying much attention to the new service.

“I wasn’t really paying attention to the TVs. I was just eating and talking,” said Elizabeth Harley, 20, speech.

Some students can’t wait to visit the Piazza now that there is DirecTV installed.

“I came in here yesterday and I want to come back tomorrow,” said Denver Cude, 18, undecided.

Some of the employees who work in the kitchen area find the televisions distracting.

“I get distracted while I’m trying to do my job,” said Police Cadet Wilson Tsan.

“We want as many students to visit the Piazza as possible,” said Thayer.

Students looking for entertainment while eating lunch should look no further than the Piazza.

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