A hidden gem located in Pasadena, Braise & Crumble boasts an array of delicious and perfectly cooked menu items for foodies looking for a quick bite.

Walking into Braise & Crumble, I got the feeling that I entered a nice local cafe where one would go to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and catch up on work, but then my eye was drawn to the menu and was almost overwhelmed with all the amazing dishes that caught my eye.

I struggled to pick just one item to start with, but luckily the kind and helpful staff was there to guide me.

Nicole Sebergandio/Courier
Braise and Crumble Cafe offers a wide arrange of food for eaters of all types.

While talking to the staff about their recommendations and personal favorites I sipped on their Kona Cold Brew. It was clear that they knew what they were doing. The coffee was fantastic, not too sweet and not too bitter, and I could see why more than half of the other patrons were drinking the same.

After spending a few minutes narrowing down the selections. I opted for The Pig Dip, a favorite for customers with spiced pulled pork and a bacon-onion spread on a french roll, served with their five spice au jus sauce. To call these flavors bold is simply an understatement. If the sandwich wasn’t already amazing, the five spice au jus sauce really brought everything together.

As filling as the sandwich was on its own, I couldn’t help but also try their Fried Pickles and the Crusted Dusted Mac & Cheese.

Unlike traditional fried pickles, Braise & Crumble uses baby pickles, which they batter and deep fry to perfection and serve with two amazing dipping sauces, their homemade gorgonzola dipping sauce and their sriracha-lime aioli. Both of the sauces were great, the only downside was that there weren’t enough pickles.

Nicole Sebergandio/Courier
Briase and Crumble mixes old and new decorations to bring a unique vibe at their cafe located on Mentor in Pasadena.

The real eye catcher for me at Braise & Crumble is their original take on an old favorite, their Crusted Dusted Mac & Cheese. It arrives at your table and you immediately think they’ve gotten your order wrong. I was expecting a bowl of mac & cheese and was presented with three perfect cubes of their deep fried Jalapeno-Bacon Mac & Cheese, which was deliciously seasoned with their panko and parmesan cheese topping. Cutting into the cubes I was met with a intoxicating aroma and wondered, why is this not the only way we eat mac & cheese?

I would not hesitate to head back, the atmosphere is inviting and the food is mouth watering.

Rating: 5 out of 5 pickles

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