A campus police officer sustained minor injuries detaining a wanted man inside the W building shower area last week.

Officer Tyler Robins of the PCC Police suffered bruising to his left arm and hand in what he estimated to be a five to 10 minute struggle to place the man in handcuffs, during which time he deputized a cadet to assist him.

Robins credits the cadet, identified by police officials as Robert Flores, as the reason neither he nor the suspect was injured further.

“I couldn’t have done it without [Flores],” said Robins. “If I had to, there would have been a greater level of force needed.”

“It’s hard to handcuff someone like that by yourself,” he added.

The altercation began on November 5 when Robins discovered the suspect was wanted by the Los Angeles Police Department for domestic assault.

Campus police identified the suspect as Andrew William Harris, 26, saying he was an enrolled student and homeless.

Harris is currently being held at Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles in lieu of $190,000 bond. He will be arraigned on charges of assault, mayhem, and injuring a spouse, according to the district attorney’s office.

Harris was detained in Riverside in November 2013 for an alleged domestic assault with a stun gun committed in September 2012, according to LAPD records.

Riverside County issued an arrest warrant for Harris after he did not appear for a court date related to that charge, court records show.

In late 2009, Harris pleaded guilty to burglary and larceny charges in Spartanburg County, SC, according to court records.

Police sources said that Harris had been the target of an LAPD task force, which had previously searched for him on campus.

Interim Police Chief Steven Matchan praised the conduct of both Robins and Flores.

“[Robins] acted professionally and used minimal force to apprehend and detain the suspect,” said Matchan. “He and [Flores] held themselves in high regard of what they were trained to do.”

Robins said that he suffered no lasting damage from the incident and did not have to miss any time from work.

“I even worked overtime on Thursday,” he said.

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  1. This place will be axed within a year or two. Matchan is an embarrassment to the entire school. He is shady and always says “for the students.” Oh yea Stevie, you are a joke and we all see right through you. 3pm, oh wow, Matchan is going home to Whittier. Wait it’s the first day if school. Who cares, we’re on the gravy train. Screech screech.

  2. It’s usually the the gym room where he would take them . Officer michael Despain also had a “police room” assigned there as welll. It’s disturbing what these officers have gotten away doing all these years. Matchan also had his own private office in the lot 4 structure level 1 near the handicap zone. Even had his old badge and uniform in the cabinet. And a private bathroom. Then again, that’s none of my business.

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