They are the backbone of the school, the people who create a clean learning environment for PCC students. Though their work is often overlooked, facility workers keep the school standing with their hard work and undeniable effort.Jonathan Wiggins is a facility worker whose shift does not begin until 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 3 p.m. on Fridays.

“I’m a floater. They put me where I’m needed,” said Wiggins, speaking of the tasks he must complete during his hours. Shifting between classrooms and bathrooms, Wiggins has contributed to keeping various parts of the campus clean during the hours that many people sleep.

Before obtaining a job at PCC, Wiggins worked at Long Beach Transit as a utility worker. Hoping to find a better paying job, he set out to Pasadena and found a custodian position.

One of many facility workers on campus, Wiggins spoke highly about his co-workers. “There are a lot of older, more experienced guys that I’ve learned a lot from. They are good people who try and help when they can,” he said.
Wiggins said that, so far, working at PCC has been a “unique experience.”

“You have to be able to adapt to your situation,” he said, “but the students and faculty are good.”

He said people on campus could try and refrain from eating and drinking in the classroom. If people treated the classroom like it was their own home, it would make it easier on custodians, he said.

“Its harder on your body, being up all night,” he said. It has been a year since Wiggins has been working at PCC and he has only now adjusted to the circumstances that the job demands.

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