The majority of the diverse members of the PCC community has decided to save their tax rebate checks rather than spend them.

Students, staff and faculty alike do not believe in hastily spending the highly anticipated “free money” which the government began distributing on April 28.

Last month, President Bush said that the effects of the stimulus would reach millions of households across America.
Single taxpayers will get up to $600 and couples may get up to $1,200, plus $300 per dependent child.

The New York Times reported on June 1 that a survey conducted by the International Council of Shopping Centers discovered that 51 percent of respondents in mid-May planned to spend rebate checks to pay off debts.

Student James Snell, 32, accounting, said he is going to save his money. “As an aspiring accountant, I don’t believe in frivolous spending. Some people are going to go out and buy rims for their car, but is that a smart thing to do? I don’t think so,” Snell said.

Student Rai Luong, 25, undecided, agrees. “I am not behind on my bills and I don’t drive, so I am going to save it for when I may really need it one day. Sometimes when you least expect it, you will need money that you may not have,” said Luong.

While most of the PCC community are going to save their money, that’s not to say they wouldn’t rather spend it on personal lavishes.

Bryan Wilbur, an instructor of Geology Sciences, is going to be sensible and save his rebate check for a rainy day. “I wanted to buy a Fender Telecaster but saving it is more responsible,he said.

English tutor Mariona Kwon says that while she would like to spend her $300 on gas for her car, saving it will be the smarter choice.

“I have already been driving less frequently and stopped using the air conditioning [in my car] and this would really be helpful. But gas runs out too quickly, so I feel better saving the money for something that lasts longer. Probably a Father’s Day gift,” said Kwon.

But of course there are always the wild ones. Science major, Brian Lopez, 28, is looking forward to spending his rebate check on a pleasure craft he’s been eyeing. “I’m going to buy a jet ski and ride around Marina del Rey,” said Lopez.

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