Board of Trustee member Berlinda Brown was named Business Magazine’s ‘Business Woman of 2012,’ and her dedication to the business of education has proven her deserving of that title.

With a mile-long list of awards dedicated to assisting the communities she has touched, Brown feels privileged and appreciates being able to give back to her communities. “[Currently] being elected as a Board member and given the awesome opportunity to serve and represent our students,” is what Brown finds the most rewarding of her experience as a community leader.

But her dedication to both her community and education came from a life of hard work and transformational moments.

Born and raised in Costa Rica, after attending high school and working Brown migrated to the United States with the hopes of a more promising life.

“I to came to America in pursuit of a better future. A place where I would have the opportunity work, go to school and improve the quality of life for me and my family,” she said.

One of Brown’s first jobs was working in a convalescent hospital getting paid a mere $1.67 an hour back in the 1970s. But she was still thankful for the eye-opening experience she gained from the low wage job she had.

“[Working there] made me stronger and more determined to further my career. It made me realize that educated individuals had better jobs and finer things in life. That was my desire, and it kept me focused,” she said.

Brown received her bachelor’s of science from CSU Dominguez Hills, after graduating from a community college and qualifying to be a radiology technician. Brown, a PCC alumnus, received her masters in public administration from CSU Los Angeles. She believes her experience in California’s public education system gave her a chance to get to where she is today.

As a Board member, Brown sees it as a challenge she accepted to push students towards success.

“I accepted to share my story to encourage struggling and underserved students in my district [that] they can make it,” she said.

So far, Brown believes she has succeeded.

“I am proud to be part of PCC. I appreciate the dedication and love of faculty and staffs that work so hard to ensure our students succeed.”


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