PCC officials have confirmed that Campus police Chief Don Yoder has been placed on paid administrative leave, but the details of why the decision was made have not yet been made available.

“Other than confirming that Chief Yoder is on paid administrative leave, I cannot comment on personnel matters,” said Gail Cooper, PCC General Counsel. “We must respect the laws that provide for confidentiality and privacy of such matters.”

Yoder replaced Stanton Perez as Chief of Police in January 2013 after Perez resigned due to issues about the eligibility of his pension from his former job with the California highway patrol.

Yoder previously served with the San Bernardino Police Department beginning in 1985 and went on to serve as the Chief of Police for the city of Victorville.

Yoder is PCC’s fourth head of campus police since 2011.

5 Replies to “Campus Police Chief Placed on Paid Administrative Leave”

  1. As arrogant as they come. Start fresh. Get rid of this dysfunctional organization. New chief, new chief, fired officer etc. the hiring of family members?? Ummmm. Hello?

  2. This guy can’t manage a group of 5 security officers? Makes me wonder what was going on at a Sheriff’s department of thousands. Scary, scary. Disband this crew.

  3. I don’t understand why the PCC Courier doesn’t demand additional information under the California Public Records Act. Why does it always have to be the Pasadena Star News or other newspaper who files for the information? The PCC Courier investigative team should step up. The public needs to know.

  4. My husband should be the next chief. He’s real smart, has no known arrest record and….and……he’s really smart!


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