Construction and renovations projects under the Facilities Maintenance Master Plan were presented to members of the Budget and Resource Allocation Committee on Feb. 21, addressing possible ideas for a campus redesign as PCC hits its 100th centennial.

The master plan, which also includes the deferred maintenance plan, would be funded by either the $15 to $16 million leftover Measure P money or a possible $300 million bond, as well as an additional $50 million in state funding, according to Executive Director for Facilities Rueben Smith.

“We have $15 million. Should we spend or should we not spend it?” said Assistant Superintendent and Senior Vice President of Business and Services Robert Miller.

However, planning and designing would not begin for at least a few years.

“We won’t know what the budget is until we developed a conceptual of the design that supports the Educational Master Plan and what the needs are of the campus,” said Smith. “We don’t know what the time frame would be, [but] we still have some needs in the next four to five years.”

“We’re not running a race here,” added Miller. “We’re going to take our time, [and] we’re going to do it right because the end result is going to be a campus that is rebuilt for the next 50 years.”

PCC has already had about $160 million worth in renovations under the Measure P bond fund – the Center for the Arts building being the last major project on the list. Elevator upgrades are still in process as well, along with instructional space that needs to be acknowledged, Smith explained.

In the projected five-years span, some of the projects would include the renovations of six buildings (over 56,000 square feet of vacated space), the possible demolition of the U Building, and general maintenance of the school campus. Currently, classroom conversions for the R, C, V, W and E buildings along with restroom upgrades, are on hold.

“The C Building, the D Building, the E Building, the R Building, the W Building – none of those buildings has been essentially touched in decades,” said Miller. “So when you think about creating a 21st century-college that has got not only the facilities, but the infrastructure and the environmental energy efficiencies that are needed, we’re not there.”

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