A search firm makes a presentation to the Board of Trustees at a meeting on Tuesday. (Paul Ochoa/Courier)
A search firm makes a presentation to the Board of Trustees at a meeting on Tuesday. (Paul Ochoa/Courier)

After four executive search firms made their presentations, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to select one to lead the hunt for a permanent superintendent Wednesday night.

“Ralph Anderson and Associates’ representative made a great presentation tonight,” said Trustee William Thomson. “The Board feels comfortable with its choice tonight. We can now forward in finding a president.”

Stan Arterberry of Ralph Anderson and Associates was the last to present to the board, but impressed it the most, according to Thomson.

“[Arterberry] seemed to be on top of things with what’s going on at the college,” Thomson said. “He seemed to have a good grasp about how to go about searching for a superintendent.”

The board had selected Vicki B. Nicholson, who served as the associate vice president of human resources for Glendale Community College, to help find the consultant firms at its Oct. 15 meeting. Board President Anthony Fellow said that the college had never worked with Nicholson before.

“She came very highly recommended by one of our outside lawyers,” Fellow said.

Fellow said that since the PCC human resources director reports to the superintendent/president, it would be better to get outside resources to help with the search. He said it would have been an awkward situation for both otherwise.

“Because of the likelihood that the interim superintendent/president would apply for the permanent position,” Fellow said, “it was wisely decided by the board to employ an independent human resources consultant to guide the selection of a presidential search firm.”

Interim President Robert Miller said in September that he would be applying for the position.

“[Miller] is working hard so that students and faculty don’t miss a beat,” Fellow said. “It would be unfair to potential candidates to say more.”

Thomson and Fellow both said that the Board would like to see a permanent president in place before the start of the fall 2015 semester.

“We would like to have a permanent president in place some time in summer and before next fall,” Thomson said. “We’ll see how the process goes.”

According to Thomson, the next step in the process is putting a committee together composed of administrative members, faculty, students and community representatives.

“We want the community to be involved,” Thomson said. “The community needs to know what’s going on here and they would be much more inclined to be supportive of the decision if they were part of it… The process should go smoothly.”

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  1. Prediction:
    Community will be involved in “input,” and ignored. Board will somehow find–and fund–another Rocha. The same blundering gang that brought us Perfumo and Rocha is still providing their pompous, dull-headed leadership to the college. Will Miller, being the “inside” boy, get the nod? You bet.

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