From the police blotter through Sept. 22:

Monday, Sept. 16

A hit and run occured in Lot 3. A white Ford Ranger struck a blue Nissan as the white Ford turned a corner. The blue Nissan’s rear bumper was torn off in the ensuing crash. The driver attempted to put the bumper back on the Nissan to no avail, before driving away. Campus police made contact with the Ford Ranger in Lot 4. Subject left information for the owner of the blue Nissan.

A student requested to speak with an officer regarding a domestic incident that occurred off campus with her ex-boyfriend.

A vehicle was damaged in a hit and run while parked in Lot 5 Level 4. No suspects were found.

Another hit and run occurred in Lot 4 Level 2. The report was taken today, although the incident itself happened on the Thursday prior. The victim reports dents and scratches to the rear of their vehicle.

A student reports being harassed over text by another student and the student’s mother about her boyfriend, who attends UC Davis. Although the messages aren’t threatening or specific, the student was advised to come back to campus police if they reach that point. As of now, no crime has occurred.

A trash dumpster near the IT building hit a vehicle parked adjacent to the Welding Shop, causing damage to the side quarter panel.


Tuesday, Sept. 17

A student reported being followed by a white male around 20 years old, wearing a white sweater and plaid shorts. The suspect was confronted by officers. He was escorted him off campus and advised to not return.

A cart from the Science Village went missing on September 16, before being found in Lot 4 Level 1. The cart was returned.

A student reported his Mongoose bicycle was stolen on September 16, between the hours of 7:30–9:30 p.m. near SV-34. Camera surveillance shows a male dressed in dark clothing cutting the cable lock before riding off.

A female student requested to speak with an officer regarding an ex-boyfriend who was harassing her. The ex-boyfriend is a non-student. Subjects were field interviewed and advised.


Wednesday, Sept. 18

A student reported her vehicle was struck from behind upon entering Lot 4. The suspect of the hit and run did not exchange information.


Thursday, Sept. 19

The Pasadena Fire Department told campus police of a female student who requested medical assistance in Lot 3. The student reported she was suffering from abdominal pains. Paramedics transported student to Huntington Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Reports of a male Hispanic walking through Lot 7 who appeared disoriented. Officers confronted the suspect, who was found to have drug paraphernalia in his possession. Suspect was arrested and transported to the Pasadena Police Department.

The Rosemead Campus was placed on lockdown on threat of an active shooter. Temple City Sherrifs were advised of a threat of an active shooter at Rosemead High School. Chief Matchan of PCC Police contacted Temple City Sheriffs for further information. Rosemead High School was searched and cleared. The Rosemead Campus lockdown was lifted as well.

A report was received of a transient student causing a disturbance on campus.

Student reports a male student in her class in CEC-105 was groping himself. Subject left the area prior to an officer’s arrival. The CEC Campus was searched with no results.

A student reported his elderly father went missing from the Shatford Library. The student dropped off his father in Lot 6 at around 7:30 and was to pick him up later in the evening. Another student called campus police, reporting about an elderly male matching the description of the missing father. Father and son were reunited in Lot 5.

A female student reported an adult black male approached her on the steps east of the C building. The suspect stated “If I had an AK-47, would you notice?” The student became frightened and went into C-125 to report the incident. Officers searched the campus with no results.


Friday, Sept. 20

A 19 year old female student was suffering from an allergic reaction after eating a banana. Pasadena Paramedics transported student to Huntington Memorial Hospital for treatment.

A report was made that two male Hispanic adults using narcotics in the men’s locker room in the W building. Officers contacted 2 white male adults who were leaving the area as they arrived. Campus police found no evidence of narcotics in the ensuing search.


Saturday, Sept. 21

Instructor reported a white male adult entered his class in the R building, asking if another instructor was in the class. The instructor reported the subject didn’t appear to be a student. The subject continued to loiter around the area. An officer searched the area, and the subject was not found.

A male transient was reported loitering on the east side bleachers of Robinson Stadium. The subject was wearing a plaid shirt with a red Superman cape. He was also carrying a sign. Officers escorted him out of the area.


Sunday, Sept. 22


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