Nov. 19: Staff reported a student in R-405B, who was mentally unstable and needed to be escorted to Psychological Services. The student stated that he was going to jump from the fourth floor of the R Building. A subsequent investigation found that the student did not wish to kill himself; he only made the statement in anger/sadness at being unable to complete the dental hygiene program. The student was transported to Psychological Services for further examination.


Nov. 21: Bookstore staff reported three unknown men acting suspiciously and possibly stealing unknown items. The three men would come inside the Bookstore as a group and two would walk upstairs as one would remain downstairs to distract Bookstore employees. A review of security cameras found the men taking books and hiding them in the waistband of their pants. An investigation is pending.


Nov. 21: Staff from CEC-100 reported that a man was kicking on the door. The man was upset because he was unable to obtain his transcripts due to the campus being closed. As a cadet arrived the man yelled at him and ran out of the building. There was no damage to school property.


Nov. 21: Staff from C-257 reported a man not affiliated with the campus verbally disturbing the class during a film presentation, and challenging a student to a fight. The man had entered the classroom after following his ex-girlfriend and challenged another student to a fight because he requested the man to be quiet. An officer responded but the man was gone upon the officer’s arrival. The ex-girlfriend was escorted to the D Building where she is a student worker, and then escorted to her vehicle at the end of the day.


Nov. 28: Staff reported three students acting suspiciously in the Bookstore. An officer responded and discovered one of the students had a stolen book and was hiding it inside the waistband of his pants. The incident was captured on a surveillance camera. The student in possession of the book was arrested for burglary and transported to Pasadena Police Department for booking.


Nov. 28: Staff reported a student passed out during class and needed medical assistance. An officer responded and discovered that the student had simply fallen asleep. No medical assistance was needed.


Dec. 1: A female student was in an E-Building restroom when a person opened the restroom stall door. The person then grabbed the student’s underwear, and after a short struggle fled the area. Campus Police issued a crime alert for the suspect. The person is described as an Asian, with a thin build, light complexion, black hair, and wearing a light blue hooded sweater. It is unknown whether the suspect is a man or a woman.

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