PCC Police Blotter from Monday, April 4 to Sunday, April 10 

Monday, April 4


Tuesday, April 5

A student vehicle was reported being struck while parked in Lot 5 Level 2.  a note was left by the other driver w/ information

A cardboard box with trash bags inside was left unattended in the lobby with food inside. The cardboard box of food was reported from a food bank, taken to the Lancer Food Pantry.

Cadet reported a male screaming to himself walking north of the L Building.

Pasadena Police Department received a welfare check Call on the transient. Reported safe.

Facilities noticed that a transient was smoking west of the D Building near the elevator. After the officer advised the subject was out of the Campus.

Wednesday, April 6

Staff reported a transient was being noisy and pointing a laser into the classrooms in the hallway of the GM Building. Reported Escorted off Campus.

Thursday, April 7

PCC staff noticed a smell of smoke  on the 2nd floor of the C Building.  no signs or smell was reported.

PCC Staff spotted A transient smoking outside of Pathways center in the V Building.

A female was seen lying on the ground north near the L Building. Reported resting.

A student reported a post on Discord chat about a reference to bombing PCC. The subject who posted the comment was later contacted and stated it was a joke.

The Pasadena Police Department reported that someone notified them of possible fire on campus. No evidence of fire was found.


Friday, April 8

An fire alarm system called Red Star Fire Protection was detected in the GM Building, women’s restroom, 2nd floor. No signs of smoke or fire was found.

A student injured herself in IT-105 by stepping on a hose and  rolling her ankle. The student was taken to urgent care.

 Transient reported in the stall in the CA Building 3rd floor men’s restroom.  

Saturday, April 9



Sunday, April 10


An Unknown automated trouble call was coming from C-215. The officer was unable to access C-215 but the exterior area was secure. False alarm was reported.


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