Police Blotter from 4/26-5/1

Monday April 25, 2022

A Male subject was reported following a female student into Science Village.

Officers contacted the subject, who was a professor and it was a misunderstanding.

A transient had been lying down in front of Welcome Center for an extended period of time and a staff attempted to get him to leave but the transient refused to move. He eventually complied.

Facilities reported 2 possible transients in the men’s restroom 2nd floor of C Building, one of them had been walking around in circles. They were contacted by officers near the Mirror Pools, and were advised to leave and the subject compiled.

A male subject was observed yelling and punching the vending machine west side of V Building near V-108. The Officers assisted the subject, who was having difficulties with the vending machine card reader.

A transient was found by an officer sleeping in the garden area south of the L Building.

The Transient was advised to leave and the subject complied.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

An officer discovered a folding knife hidden in a tree north of the Mirror Pools and a report was taken.

Anonymous caller reported a subject swimming in the Mirror Pools & moving cones around. Surveillance camera footage shows no one swimming but observed a subject looking at an art installment involving cones.

A Staff member reported that a smell of natural gas was coming from south of C Building. Facilities reported that the smell was coming from the water heater vent.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

A report of a transient yelling into the Library from the north side. The subject was upset that she could not access the entrance from the north side; the subject was advised to leave the campus; the subject complied.


Thursday, April 28, 2022

Units were contacted when 2 transients were seen in the women’s locker room in the GM Building. Subjects were advised to leave and they complied.

A Cadet reported a transient walking around the CEC main building for 3-5 minutes, transient leaving towards Lot A from Room 126. The Transient left campus heading eastbound on Foothill Blvd.

A Library staff called requesting an officer to speak to a student reporting a possible assault that occurred earlier. A report was taken

Facilities reported 2 transients in the women’s locker room GM Building. An officer contacted one of them at the location. The subject was advised to leave.

A Staff reported 3 transients loitering in the lobby and possibly smoking in the locker rooms of the GM Building. An Officer contacted subjects at the location; all were advised to leave.

A Staff reported the same 3 transients from earlier were now loitering in the locker rooms at the W Building.The Officers escorted the subjects off campus and were given a verbal stay away order.

Friday, April 29, 2022

A Staff reported that his laptop computer had been stolen from his vehicle off campus.

A report was taken.

A student reported that she had been followed by a male subject off campus from Colorado Blvd/Harkness Ave. The student had requested that Pasadena Police be notified on her behalf and would later follow up with them. The Pasadena Police were then notified and the information was forwarded to dispatch.

A Staff from Personal Counseling requested an officer for a transport to Huntington Hospital for a student voluntarily admitting themselves for suicidal thoughts. The Student was transported to hospital.

The Audible fire alarm was activated at the IT Building. An officer reported that a vehicle was blowing smoke into the auto shop, which triggered the alarm. Facilities reset the fire alarm.

The Facilities reported a possible firearm located in a bag near W-115. Upon closer inspection the item was identified as an unloaded BB gun. The Item was confiscated and a report was taken.

A Staff member reported a male subject near the DJ booth at the Mirror Pools was carrying a brick & yelling at the DJ to turn the music down. Upon initial contact the officer found the subject under the influence of alcohol. Subject was not a student. The Subject was arrested & charged with criminal threats & public intoxication; ??They were transported to Pasadena Police for booking.


Saturday, April 30, 2022

A Report of a male subject yelling on the 2nd floor of the Library. The Subject was escorted off campus and advised not to return or be subject to arrest for trespassing.


Sunday, May 1, 2022

A Staff advised that a male did not pay for his Flea Market space in Lot 4 Level 3 & is squatting in another vendor’s space. The Officer contacted the subject, who was packing up and leaving.

The Flea Market staff reported a vendor feeling faint in the north end of Lot 1. The Pasadena Police reported that they would receive a call from the subject and paramedics would be responding. The Vendor was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital and a report was taken

An Officer contacted a transient in the C Building. The Officer escorted the subject off campus.

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