Monday, May 18

Officers sought to locate an instructor regarding possible medical issues during a class lecture on Zoom. They were able to determine that no assistance was necessary.

Tuesday, May 19

Officers respond to a report of a possible argument at the Community Education Center. The officers spoke with and then released the subject, a male transient.

Wednesday, May 20

Separate reports of transients loitering at Community Education Center, in mid-afternoon and shortly before midnight.

Additional report of a transient loitering in Parking Lot 5. Officers escorted said transient off of premi1ses.

Thursday, May 21

Officers escorted a vehicle from Parking Lot 5.

Subjects conducting an apparent photo shoot in Parking Lot 5 were escorted off campus by officers.

Friday, May 22

An officer responded to multiple fire alarm activations in the Science Village during late afternoon to early evening. After a check of the area, the officer reset the alarm.

Officers responded to a report of loitering on the CA building staircase. Subjects were students taking photographs and were not detained.

Saturday, May 23

Officer responded to a fire alarm going off in the Science Village three separate times. In each case, the area was checked and the alarm was reset.

Responding to a suspicious person report, an officer escorted the subject off of the Community Education Center campus.

Sunday, May 24

Officer escorted a car off of the California Education Center Parking Lot.

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