Monday, Nov. 21

An officer found two men attempting to break into the IT building. The subjects were contacted, and advised to leave, to which they complied.

A fire alarm went off in the V building from an unknown cause. The alarm was reset.

A hit and run was reported in Lot 5; an officer took a report.

Tuesday, Nov. 22

A homeless person was found sleeping in the 3rd floor of the C building. They were advised to leave and they complied.

A homeless woman was asked to leave the stadium area and was escorted out.

A female student told the Pasadena Police Department that she and her boyfriend were engaged in a verbal disturbance in Lot 5 that resulted in him ripping off her door handle as she attempted to leave. An officer took a report.

Wednesday, Nov. 23

A female student reported that she felt threatened by the actions of a classmate. An officer took a report and counseled both parties.

Two hit and runs were reported in Lot 4, level 1; an officer took a report.

Saturday, Nov. 26

A homeless person was found sleeping in the Child Development Center and was escorted out.

Sunday, Nov. 27

An instructor reported receiving some disconcerting emails from a student. An officer took a report.

A homeless person found in the C building was escorted out.

A person was found driving recklessly through Lot 3. They were given a warning and advised to leave campus, and they complied.

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