Monday, Jan 25:

A man was reported yelling to himself near C-217 and was escorted off campus.

A student reported that a man near the library may have needed medical attention as he appeared disoriented. A warrant check came back clear, but it was discovered that the man was reported missing in Virginia. Campus police informed the corresponding department in Virginia and the man was transferred to Huntington Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.

Tuesday, Jan 26:

A student’s wallet was stolen from the Financial Aid counter in the L Building.

Wednesday, Jan 27:

A student filed a report with campus police about a physical altercation the student was involved in.

A man was reported disrupting the business of vendors in the quad. Police escorted him off campus.

A student reported his bicycle was stolen from the southeast corner of the D Building.

Thursday, Jan 28:

Police saw a person on campus, who had been issued a restraining order, and escorted them off campus.

A student reported his car was hit while it was parked in Lot 5.

A man reported to facilities that he crashed his drone onto the roof of the W Building. He was observed climbing up a wall of the building in an attempt to retrieve the drone. Police could not find the man once they arrived at the scene.

A person reported that their car was vandalized while it was parked in Lot D of the Community Education Center (CEC).

Friday, Jan 29:

A transient was found sleeping in the southeast stairwell of the CA Building and was asked by the facilities supervisor to leave.

A student reported a man who appeared to be casing cars on level 4 in Lot 5. An officer escorted him off campus.

An officer approached a man who was wandering throughout Lot 5 and appeared disoriented. The officer was able to contact the family and the man was picked up from campus.

Sunday, Jan 31:

Three transients were escorted off the CEC campus after Officer Chan saw them while on patrol.



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