March 19

A man reported that his girlfriend would not leave him alone after an argument in Lot 4. He told the officer that it had started after his mother had called him and had gotten upset that they were together. His mother suggested that he get a restraining order against his girlfriend, which led to the woman getting upset about the suggestion of the restraining order and turning the verbal argument into a physical one.

Based on a thorough investigation, both the woman and man were placed under arrest for battery on school grounds. They were also issued citations with a promise to appear in court.

April 2

A man collided with an entry door in the C Building, causing the window to shatter. An officer responded and investigated. The man said he was dancing and singing near the door and accidentally collided with it. The officer made a full report, with the damage cost being $150.

April 2

A woman reported her car being broken into in Lot D at the community business center. She said that her purse, vehicle registration and insurance card were missing. The officer took a report and advised her to cancel her debit card and notify the DMV of her license.

April 4

A vendor in the Quad reported a shirt being stolen by a man. An officer responded, but the man had already returned the shirt. The officer advised the man and then escorted him off the campus.

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