Monday, September 11

The bookstore staff reported a 20 year-old white female stealing art supplies and when she was asked about it, she denied everything.

A student seeked treatment from the Health Center after slipping on water near the 2nd floor elevator of the C-building.

A student’s car was scratched on the bumper, and the report states the car parked behind them is to blame.

Another student reported his vehicle damaged while parked in Lot 5 Level 4C.

Tuesday, September 12

A student’s bike was stolen from the bike rack south of the C-building.

Wednesday, September 13

A verbal dispute occurred in class R-209, and the staff who reported it requests a Campus Police investigation.

A student’s vehicle was hit during the afternoon hours, in Lot 4 Level 1D.

A student’s vehicle was stolen from Lot 3 and was later recovered by the Los Angeles Police Department.

A student reported her license plates stolen off of her car sometime between 11am and 6pm.

Thursday, September 14

A black male was showering in the GM-building men’s locker room and asking student for shampoo and other items to shower with. When asked to leave the man became aggressive. The man was last seen exiting out of the southeast exit. A report was taken.

A female student requested an escort to the Health Center after feeling light headed in building V111.

A black male was escorted off campus after trespassing and being loud and disruptive in the lobby area of the GM-building.

A disruptive black male was escorted off campus after the football coach requested assistance after this male was distracting the football players.

Friday, September 15

A bike that was secured by a lock and chain was stolen while an aquatics student was at swim practice between 4:30pm and 6pm.

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