September 27: During cheerleader practice, a woman fell on another woman causing the latter woman’s wrist to break. Pasadena Fire Department responded. The woman was treated and released.


October 3: A student reported that he received a text message from a friend regarding a drawing on the wall in V Building men’s restroom. The drawing depicted the student giving oral sex to another male, with the student’s name written on the drawing.


October 4: A student reported that a vehicle ran over another student’s foot. The student was running as part of her gym class when a car exiting Lot 4 ran over her foot. Pasadena Fire Department responded and transported the student to Huntington Memorial Hospital.


October 4: Students reported a transient at the Mirror Pools was behaving strangely and stated that he was getting a gun. Officers and cadets made contact with the man. A search of the transient did not reveal any weapons, however, he was reported to be mentally unstable. The transient was cooperative and was escorted off campus.


October 4: Staff from the C Building reported a woman who attempted to push a glass door with her foot had broken the glass. Officers discovered the woman at the Mirror Pools with her leg bleeding. The woman was provided with first aid, but refused further medical assistance.


October 4: A Supervisor from the Community Education Center reported a woman said that a male student sexually harassed her. The man was alleged to have made physical contact with the woman. An officer responded and subsequently arrested the man. The man was then transported to Pasadena Police Department jail for booking.


October 8: A student witnessed a man enter the women’s restroom in the E Building. The student reported this an hour after the incident occurred and the man was no longer in the area. Cadets were advised to conduct extra patrols in the areas.


October 8: A cadet reported three men soliciting on the north east side of the C Building. The men were asking for money and trying to start fights. Officers responded and contacted the men, who were not affiliated with the college. The men were identified and escorted off campus.


October 8: A woman reported an unknown person entered the women’s restroom in the E Building and tried taking pictures of her. The woman was unable to determine if the subject was male of female because the person’s head was tilted forward. The next day, an officer interviewed a possible suspect of the incident, but the victim was unable to identify him.


October 9: A library staff member reported that a man was having a seizure on the third floor of the LL Building. Pasadena Fire Department responded and transported the student to Huntington Memorial Hospital.


October 10: A cadet reported a man possibly drinking from a container wrapped in brown paper bag by the Mirror Pools. An officer responded and confirmed that the man had been drinking alcohol on school grounds. The officer subsequently discovered the man had two warrants, one for burglary and the other for possession of cocaine. The man was arrested and turned over to Pasadena Police for booking.

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