The collegiate baseball season doesn’t start for another six months but that is not stopping Head Coach Evan O’Meara from getting his players in top shape now. His method of workout consists of a program called Crossfit. It’s a high intensity, highly dynamic, and fast paced strength and conditioning program.

“I know I’m kicking their butts, but they are really responding well to the strength and conditioning workouts,” said O’Meara.

Crossfit workouts consist of total body movements such as pull-ups, push-ups and squats, and are then customized to fit a baseball teams specific regimen. The players perform different exercises, pumping out as many repetitions in only 10 seconds.

They then receive 10 seconds of rest and proceed to pump out more repetition of the same exercise for a total of three minutes. Then they would move on to the next exercise.

“The longest play in baseball last about 12 seconds, so to workout for an hour just lifting weights is not dynamic enough for baseball players,” said O’Meara.

The Crossfit workout would allow players to fully engage in the activity, using mostly fast twitch muscle fibers, which is vital for baseball players during the workout.

“I’d rather do training like this because is keeps me moving,” said Mike Flynn, who is returning for a second season at PCC.

The workouts are held in somewhat of a bootcamp setting. The coaches look over and supervise the players as each player is paired up during the workouts.

“Everyone has a partner. That way everyone is accountable and doesn’t slack off,” said O’Meara.

The workouts are so intense that O’Meara only conducts them four days a week. This gives players a three-day recovery period over the weekend.

“Being able to use different muscles, in different directions, all in the same exercise is tough work. That’s what baseball is. You are moving your body in many different directions all the time,” said O’Meara.

“The workouts start a bit early at 6:20 a.m. It’s all for functional strength, which helps us out and hopefully these workouts transcend into good results for the season,” said Michael Glazier, another player returning for a second season.

It seems that with a little sacrifice and a great work ethic, the 2010 Lancer baseball team might be making a more positive note this time around.

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