PCC and BankMobile have been collaborating the past few semesters to distribute financial aid, scholarships, grants and other funds directly to Lancer reducing wait times and paper checks that come with receiving funds from PCC’s financial aid office.

“Our Financial Aid office and Fiscal Services worked together with the BankMobile team to provide these services to our students,” PCC’s Strategic Communications & Marketing Executive Director Alex Boekelheide said. “In addition to streamlining the college’s overhead related to processing payments, the BankMobile service helps our students get their money quickly and in an account of their choosing.”

After creating an account on the BankMobile website and registering PCC as their school, Lancers must choose from three delivery options: direct deposit to a personal bank account, direct deposit to a BankMobile Vibe account with a MasterCard debit card and a paper check delivered by USPS.

According to students, the wait times to receive the funds vary and it can take up to two weeks to get the money deposited in their accounts. BankMobile offers their Vibe account promising same day refunds.

“The financial aid office recommended me to download the application, it’s easy to navigate and there are not many confusing links on there,” student Karissa Arias said. “I just worked through the application adding my school. It takes about 7 days for the money to transfer from the actual date PCC said I would initially get it.”

Before using the BankMobile service, some Lancers found themselves delaying payments for books, other school supplies and utility bills such as electricity. While the feedback is positive and students understand how to navigate the application, other Lancers would like to see changes on fees charged to transfer and wire money and possibly creating a service like Venmo within the application.

”BankMobile is basically an application where I was able to get my financial aid refund because I wasn’t able to hook it up to my bank account,” student Karina Ponce De Leon stated. “Every time I get my financial aid disbursement, I never have a problem with the application.”

Troubleshooting has been provided to students having issues with the application and the Strategic Communications & Marketing department reported not having received complaints of major issues with the service.

Boekelheide urges students to choose a funding option quickly while creating an account to avoid any confusions and delays in the process.

For more information visit PCC’s and BankMobile website.

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