Associated Students at PCC held their 2021 student election to select the next executive board for the academic year 2021-2022. The virtual elections were held from May 12 through May 13. Although this year’s participation outcome was comprehensively lower due to the pandemic, the elections were held satisfactory with officials being elected with more than 58 percent result.

All PCC students had the opportunity to vote online through lancer life. The voting platform provided students with the candidate’s statement while voting, in addition to a Youtube link to each candidate participation in the Town Hall meetings, for them to have the necessary materials to choose informatively.

There were a total of four Town Hall meetings held on May 4, 6, and 11. In each meeting, four candidates were given the opportunity to introduce themselves, answer questions and display their propositions.

The election results were announced online on May 17 at the 2021 General Election committee meeting. The elections results were the following:

President: Emmanuel Gomez

Executive Vice President: Nathalie Guzman

Vice President for Academic Affairs: Alexandra Ling

Vice President of Business Affairs: Brianna Akopian

Vice President of Student Services Jae Hun Hwang

Vice President of External Affairs Jonathan Apodaca

Vice President for Campus Activities : Marcus Gomez

Vice President for Student Equity: Jillian Rousseau

Vice President of Public Relations: Philycius Oey

Vice President for Sustainability: Christian Montaya

The new President-elect, Emmanuel Gomez, who is a third year student at PCC, emphasized the importance and responsibility the associated students will have upon going back to campus in person for the academic year 2021-2022.

“Given the circumstances, I recognize that the spotlight is in our generation of leaders. If we want true change it must begin with ourselves. I believe in the power of engagement, equity and leadership strategies are fundamental for community building”, Emmanuel Gomez said.

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