Prospective Associated Students candidates are competing for positions on the ASPCC Executive Board for the upcoming election happening this week.

Candidate forums three and four, where students can hear about plans for policy and ask questions of the candidates, will take place on May 14 and May 16 respectively. These will be the last two forums before the ballots close.

Ballots open on May 15 at 8 a.m. and close on May 16 at 11:59 p.m. Students can vote online via Lancerpoint or in person at the OSL, according to ASPCC faculty advisor, Carrie Afuso.

There are three slates running this year: Make it Happen, East meets West, and Power within Diversity. There are also a few candidates running outside of these slates.

On the Office of Student Life (OSL) candidate list, there is a list of candidates running, along with the position that each are vying for:

Make it Happen:

Micah Moore – Vice President for Academic Affairs

James Reyna – Vice President for Business Affairs

Deyra Ojeda – Chief Justice of the Supreme Council

Alejandro Javier Ortega – Vice President for External Affairs

Sophia Garnica – Executive Vice President

Samuel Belon – Vice President for Sustainability

Mia Villamayor – Student Trustee

East meets West:

Choe Han – Vice President of Academic Affairs

Jeremy Xu – Vice President for Public Relations

Power within Diversity:

Dionne B. Shelton – President of Associated Students

Alex Sarkissian – Student Trustee

Ryan Tan – Vice President for Student Services

Independent runners:

Halle Phan – Vice President for Business Affairs

Mackenzie Rivera – Vice President for Campus Activities

David A. Ramirez – Chief Justice of the Supreme Council

David Park – Vice President for Cultural Diversity

Connie Rivera – Vice President for Cultural Diversity

Lara Horhor – Vice President for Cultural Diversity

Justin Gonzales – Publicity

According to the Associated Students of Pasadena City College (ASPCC) web page, here are some examples of the duties a couple of the above positions entail:

President of Associated Students – Presides over meeting of the Executive board, appoints students to select committees, serves as liason between the Executive Board and the President of the College, and upholds the Constitution, Bylaws, and resolutions.

Executive Vice President – Oversees club activities on campus, chairs the Inter-Club Council (ICC), sets the club budget each semester, and assumes the duties of the President should the President be unable to execute their duties.

Vice President of External Affairs – Lobbies legislators at both the state and national levels, stays current on all legislation that affects students so as to take informed stances on those issues in favor of student needs.

“I’m really here for students,” said Presidential candidate Dionne Shelton, “I want to hear what they have to say… I want to have conversations with students who feel their voice isn’t being heard.”

Although the outcome of the election is uncertain, Shelton, who sits as the Executive Vice President on the current ASPCC Executive Board, encourages students to vote because student involvement is the first step in fostering a productive relationship between ASPCC and the student body.

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