Some think going to Washington D.C. to represent the voice of PCC students, meet with state representatives and lobby for certain bills to pass or fail would be a thrill.The Associated Student Lobby Committee does just that. It meets once a week to discuss bills the government tosses out and decide whether members are for or against it.

Members also go to Sacramento and Washington D.C. to lobby on those bills. They not only affect the PCC student body, their work also has an impact on colleges throughout the nation.

The committee recently lobbied on the reorganization of student loans and better interest rates for students.

The committee is looking for students to fill vacancies. Applications are being accepted through Sept. 21.

It may be a difficult application process, with three essay questions and an interview. But the committee promises a rewarding experience.

“It’s a wonderfully enriching experience,” said Santina Bowers, a student who has been involved for three years. “Both educational and personal, we encourage everyone.”

Bowers, a 34 year-old single parent, represents three different demographics, the older students, single parents and returning students.

“It’s a good way to find out what’s going on in the government,” said Aaron Schaefer, one of the coordinators. “It’s a good way to meet people and learn new things.”

Applicants must have at least a 2.0 G.P.A. and be enrolled in at least six units.

They cannot be on academic or disciplinary probation and must have the application time stamped and signed.

Interested students should be committed to the ASPCC Lobby Committee.

There are a few requirements once the student is accepted into the committee. All committee members have to attend weekly meetings.

In these meetings, bills are reviewed. They also have to participate in an ASPCC Lobby Committee Retreat in October, along with other responsibilities. Enrollment in at least nine units is expected of students who plan to go to Washington D.C. with the group.
There are only 13 spots to fill. Applications are due in the Associated Student office, by noon Sept. 21.
Applications accepted for the next step will be contacted for an interview.

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