The Associated Students will hold a town hall meeting Jan. 24 to discuss student problems with transferring credits to colleges after the elimination of winter intersession, and the feasibility of changing the smoking policy on campus.

The 6 p.m. open meeting will be held in the Creveling Lounge.

“Ideally the first half will focus on the transfer issues, the smoking issues,” said Simon Fraser, president of the Associated Students. “Afterwards we will open up to anything [students] have a problem with on this campus … this is your [venue], in a safe space, in a safe environment.”

The elimination of winter intersession, and the change to a three-semester calendar has created problems with students in transferring credits to universities. According to the University of California website, five out of nine UC campuses do not allow summer courses to be transferred into the following fall admission.

“We are working behind the scenes right now to get students transfer guarantees,” said Fraser.  “We are not there yet, so hopefully I will be able to say on Thursday, this is what the administration has done to [ensure] that you will transfer if you take that summer class.”

There is discussion on campus, according to Fraser, about making campus into a smoke free environment.

“We need to get as wide an opinion from students as possible, start looking at health and safety concerns, start looking at enforcement of the current policy,” said Fraser.  “The goal is, in April, to present to the Board of Trustees [a recommendation from the] Associated Students.”


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