The Associated Students has scheduled a vote next week on changes to certain parts of its constitution. The election will take place on Dec. 4 and Dec. 5 in the Office of Student Affairs.

“This isn’t an election for positions, just constitutional amendments. We want to deal with these specific amendments before spring because they deal with the new trimester change,”  said Diego Lopez, AS Chief Justice of the Supreme Council. “Our governing document makes references to winter intersession and we don’t have winter session anymore.”

Lopez says pamphlets will be available to students in the Office of Student Affairs to help inform them on the proposed constitution changes.

“We are going to have little pamphlets in the front of the Office of Student Affairs for students to read,” said Lopez.

According to Lopez voting will be done on paper ballots, not online.

“We’re not going to have online voting this time. We are working with the League of Women Voters so they can help facilitate the voting booths,” said Lopez.

Peter Torres, AS vice president for public relations, explained the difficulties of reaching out to students

“There are a lot of PCC students who go to school and just go home and [they] don’t know there’s a student government,” said Torres.

To try and reach more students Torres’s said the AS plans to advertise for the elections.

“[We will be doing] a massive online campaign. First we’ll be targeting social media through Facebook, Twitter, and the Associated Students’ website. [Also we’ll] send a massive information dissemination to teachers and department heads because we might not be able to have direct contact with the students but [they do],” said Torres.

The AS will also use more traditional ways of getting students’ attention.

“[We will also advertise] through the Courier and the press throughout Pasadena like the Star-News,” said Torres.

The AS has also been using posters to catch student’s attention.

“[We will be doing] massive publicity around campus like posters. It catches more attention from students and they really like it,” said Torres.

“Lately AS publicity has been focusing on the catchiness of the poster because this generation of students wouldn’t just stop by a poster and read it if it was not catchy.”

Voting will take place Dec. 4 and Dec. 5 in the Office of Student Affairs from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.




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