At surface level he may seem like a typical student, but while spinning or “b-boying,” one may find he’s far more interesting. Martin Gaffney break-dances in his off time, along with mixing, and music producing. “I consider dancing an art because it consists of creating rhythmic movement which makes the music come to life. I’m basically using my body as a brush to paint a picture for the audience,” Gaffney said.

His primary type of dancing is “b-boying” or breakdancing, but he also does some hip-hop choreography. He also has experience in popping and house dancing. “I’d like to expand outside street style dancing, and even some contemporary, salsa, and swing dancing,” he said.

“DJing came along after I started dancing. I felt that because I knew how to move, creating an environment people can dance to wouldn’t be hard, plus it’d be fun. There’s a constant connection between the DJ and the dancers on the floor. I feel that being on both sides would give me a slight advantage,” Gaffney said.

Gaffney gets his inspiration from DJ Pinke, whom he met at PCC. He considers her a mentor, “She taught me many shortcuts, helping me learn quicker. I’m grateful for meeting her here,” Gaffney said of his fellow DJ. He has also found himself in quite a large community of artists and dancers while on campus.

“Martin is a sick DJ. I’ve been to some of his events and that dude can scratch! Props,” said Peter Nguyen, who has attended some of Gaffney’s events.

Gaffney is a 20-year-old PCC student. Hopeful of transferring to Cal State Long Beach, he aspires to major in communications. “My job is to make sure everyone is having a good time and I would love to travel around the world, making sure that happens,” Gaffney said.

Martin Gaffney shows off one of his strengths by performing breakdancing moves in the Galloway Plaza. (Michael Cheng)

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