A former student arrested at the Aug. 29 meeting of the Board of Trustees pleaded not guilty to the charge of battery of a peace officer at his arraignment on Oct. 1 at a Los Angeles County Superior courthouse in Pasadena

Former student Lawrence Gandara, 26, with witnesses and video of the incident-taking place, believes he has a strong defense for his case and has hired an attorney to represent him in court.

In response to Gandara’s case, students on campus have started a blog to help provide him with moral and financial support. It includes the video of the incident and Gandara’s arrest along with minute-by-minute written commentary.

Gandara was arrested during a protest at the Aug. 29 Board of Trustees meeting, when trying to get between campus police and a protesting female student.

Campus police claim that Gandara moved aggressively towards one of the officers and struck him in the chest. Gandara he said that he had no intention of causing a disturbance at the meeting and that he never intentionally or accidentally caused any physical harm to a police officer there. Gandara claims that the officers caused physical harm to him when being arrested.

Gandara’s trial is yet to be scheduled

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