For those interested in joining the Associated Students, the application deadline to enter into the candidacy is May 5 at 4 p.m. Application packets are available in T 110.Last year seemed to show a lack of candidates willing to run for certain positions. This year, after more promoting, the A.S. hopes to gain more candidates to enter into the election.

“I think this year will be very interesting. I’ve seen a lot of people running for positions this semester. I think we did good this semester in promoting A.S. A lot of people now know who the A.S. people are and they know what we do. They recognize us as A.S,” said Karina Roman, V.P. for Campus Activities. Michael Sansosti, A.S. president, hopes that the new wireless internet and other advancements that are taking place at PCC will lead to a more united, involved campus.

With these advancements, he hopes that students will want to stay longer on campus, allowing the A.S. to get more involved with the students. According to him, student governments at Cal State and UC campuses are able to get more involved with their campus due to the fact that they are four-year universities.

As a commuter school where students primarily aim to transfer, students may not see the necessity to take more interest in the A.S. “We have been open and haven’t tried to hide anything,” said Sansosti, referring to their attempts to promote and be more connected with the campus as a whole.

“I think we kind of took the first step in breaking down the barriers for students getting to know their student government here on campus. I think we did a good job this year in promoting ourselves,” said Roman.

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