With the vast amount of students grabbing lunch in the Piazza or utilizing the wi-fi lounge, it’s hard for students to find a quiet place on campus. A few students have found a solution. Within the walls of The Jameson Amphitheater, students find a place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle on campus.Tucked away on the southeast corner of campus between the sculpture garden and a parking lot is a quiet getaway. The amphitheater is one of the campus’s hidden gems. Many people walk past it, but few walk in.

It is not unusual to find a few students reading, chatting, or strumming a guitar. The quiet atmosphere provides students with a place to focus and relax.

The music department often utilizes the amphitheater for sectionals or ensemble practices because it is directly outside of the music building.

Adam Parga, a music major, spent time practicing his classical guitar music. He chose the amphitheater because he appreciates the acoustics. “My music sounds really good in here,” he said.

Another music major, Krystal Munoz, was relaxing with her iPod between classes. She often hangs out in the amphitheater to practice her music, whether it’s her saxophone or flute.

The amphitheater is not solely occupied by music students though. Antonio Hernandez, an English major, was taking care of some unfinished homework as he read a book for class and listened to music. For him the benefit of the amphitheater is the atmosphere. “It’s really quiet and I can concentrate,” he said. “I like the shade too.”

Shade is not a factor for Joe Shen, a Japanese major, who took time out of his day for a quick siesta. Splayed out on the top ledge of the amphitheater, he came equipped with a pillow and an Elmo baby blanket. He enjoys the sun because he feels it relaxes his muscles. “I come in to crash between classes. It’s very relaxing,” he said.

Two students, Jessie Wong and Tyler Tu, spent the afternoon playing Megaman against each other. It was their first time hanging out in the amphitheater but they enjoyed the balance of sunlight and shade. “It’s a nice place to come and relax,” said Wong, an aspiring video game programmer.

“People don’t come here that often. It’s really quiet,” said Tu, who envisions a future in jewelry making.

For those who have been hunting for a place to unwind, the Jameson Amphitheater is truly one of PCC’s hidden treasures.

Joe Shen, Japanese major, enjoys the quiet atmosphere that Jameson Amphitheater provides to students everyday. (Elizabeth Piedra)

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