Pasadena City College has a broad array of mental health services available to its students on campus, and a hotline that is now available after the operational hours of the personal counseling office. 

Those needing help before 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. on a weekday and assistance on the weekends are directed to call the PCC after hours mental health crisis hotline to be connected to a mental health professional.  

Students are encouraged to contact the hotline, or reach out to a personal counselor on campus if they are experiencing a mental health crisis, or they see someone who might also be struggling to cope with their own wellbeing. These services are available in D-203, without needing to book an appointment, but services like personal counseling and group therapy are available by appointment only

Mental health has become an open topic of discussion for this generation compared to others which helps people especially students get a better understanding and help with difficult times. There are new studies where we can categorize which type of mental illness we are facing to tackle the issue. The National Alliance of Mental Health explains that 1 in every 25 U.S. adults experience severe mental illness.  

In California, there are about 5 million residents experiencing mental health disorders that have a pretty accessible way to get aid compared to other states. If a student’s mental state is suffocated with stress, worries, depression and trouble sleeping it can affect their academics. A survey done on college students by The Suicide Prevention Resource Center conducts how mental health jeopardizes campuses for students attendance can affect money losses for colleges. 

The mental health website that is connected to the main PCC website, is full of resources and documentation on how to solve different types of mental health crises, and a framework for helping others out in times of need. It also included extensive documentation on coping with our mental and physical health during the pandemic and the post pandemic era. 

Dr. Andrea Bailey, a fairly new counselor, was the one who pitched Protocall where PCC is in contract with that provides access to mental health providers 24 hours a day. It was brought to the college starting the Fall semester. During business hours, 9 am – 4 pm the college provides crisis services. 

“It might not get utilized a ton but I think having it there feels good for the campus, for the whole community that they can have access to a mental health provider at any time,” Bailey said.  

There is a phone service that gets handled beyond those hours. After the call is finished, a full report is emailed to Dr. Bailey so she can follow up with the students via phone to make sure their problems were dealt with. 

“The line provides a safety net for students with this mental health line, a student can call the office number, press 9 and be connected to a therapist to help them de-escalate in the moment and breathe through that experience and the next morning myself or another clinician will follow up with the student,” Bailey said.

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